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feniks by igreeny Fire eagle by igreeny Hidden Inside by igreeny Incendies by igreeny
I finaly turned my favorite work and liked by so many people "feniks" into print . Here it is… and second version of it if you would prefer is here…;

I you like that then you might also take a look at my other hot images ;)
I have good news for all of you who wanted to have my creation printed. I start to submit prints.
I add print version on deviantArt with new deviations submitted and I start to turn older work into prints. I created all my images in high resolution it is just that I posted them in apx 800px for digital view. I have them in good resolution for print and submit some of them everyday. Recently I added print of
- Stars…
- Magic Curve…
- Terraforming…
- Hidden Inside…
- Incendies…

Shop now !  ;)

If there is any image of mine that you would like to see as print please let me know and I will update it ASAP for you.

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Its Saturday night and I am sitting here sending all thanks for faves , comments and for adding me to watching lists. I realize that I am not gona say thanks to everyone of you who shows me your support. I will try . Maybe not today , maybe there will be days of delays but I will give my best to send HUGe thanks to each of you but before that will happen and just in case I will get ban for spamming "thanks" I want to tell you that without your support I would give up long time ago and would not be where I am today and I am kind of happy where I am. Thank YOU  !

Update for my last entry about DA vs FB ..
DA rulls !!! ;)
but i also like facebook . It helps to reach to those people who dont fallow art related wabsites :)
Here is my…  Like me !
I probobly will like yours if you will drop link to your page in comment section .
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Today is the day when my work get more "likes" and views on facebook then on deviantArt in shorter time ! :jawdrop:
In the other hand I get more comments here on dA so let the battle begin ...


This is my facebook page…

I joined recently shadowness so if you are there i will appreciate support . Why would you fallow me there ? I am gona upload there older and new images but with focuse on just those i think are my best . I will also try to keep it there just in fantasy and surreal theme :)
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Hi guys,
I have few links i want to share with you

Media  Militia ( check out freebies section ;)  )…

Some best tuts i ever read . look for those oldest  tutorials  they were mostly free and i pick up there a tip or two ;)

Something inspiring…

I have my wallpapers from this one

I also look for something interesting you might know so feel free to spam my comment section under with some cool webstie links  :)  
Maybe  you know some other portal for artists like devaitnArt ? Do you know or use any other like that ?  I am basicly just here and i start  recently facebook page but i think that its not much going on with me or my creations for facebook .
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I updated a lot of works today so you proboly got spam from me with some of old works tittles + (update) :)
I just changed a bit brithness on some of picutres. I know its just little change but on some pices it could change effect i was working on.  

I am still little wory about my brightenss level so i hope maybe you can help me and tell me do you see anything  beside guitar on this pic…
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Day after april first and  the begining of cats revolution on devienatArt i was given daily deviation by :iconkuschelirmel:   I dont know did they brainwashed you or what but for me you are simply top kitty and  i thank so very much for this feature  ! :glomp:
hi hi second DD  :squee:…
I really didnt expect that ! This is awesome ! I get is so much love and support from all of you i am not sure did that really happen. I thank you ALL for all nice comments , faves and all kind of support !
Thank you all my watchers . those who were with me and who just start to watch my profile  ! I will try to outclass myself and create even better pictures that you will enjoy to see  !   Thank you soo much for your support !!!
It is a bit general thanks but i will try to thank you each of you individual :)

I also have thing i want to mention here . I want to ask for little bit more support. I entered contest for creation of poster for Rise Against. If you have facebook account you can vote for my work.
Here is my first entry…
and here is second…
I will appreciate each vote !  

My facebook…
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There is contest for Rise Against Poster i have enter and i am pretty sure you can vote there with your facebook profile. Please take a look at my two entires and vote for them .  I really need your help !
Here is my first entry…
and here is second…

btw. Did you know there is contest for Rise Against Poster ? :)

You dont know what Rise Against is ?
Take a look………

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Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that i made new gallery for wallpapers . I already uploaded 30 wallpapers there . Those are rar packs for popular screen resoltuions . Check it out…

Hope you like what i did there . It would be really great if you could help spread the word about this new initiative of mine . I have made this news deviations here… so it would be great if you could give it exposure somehow. Anything would be great from favs for links in you jurnal or anything you can think of. There is chance that people you know will be interested in this and might enjoy some of my wallpapers :)

It would be also great to know that you like what i did there . You know, i just hope i did it for more the 5 of my dear watchers . So any favs and comments under wallpapers or orginal artwork would be very nice and show me it was worth it . It will also show me wich mod of my creations you prefer and i will try to make more wallpapers like that or better ;)

My new wallpapers gallery ->…

Have a nice day !
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In case you didnt know i have my facebook website that you might like . Take a look here… :)

Feel free to share with me your facebook page in comments. I will be happy to see some nice updates from you on facebook :)

I am still kinda noobie in this facebook so any tips and tricks how to make it look better or make more popular will be very appreciated .
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Do you guys know any good website with some adds for graphic freelaners ?
I know just and something from my country .. but i barely can find any client there . I am checking out adds everyday but sometimes there is just nothing for me so i think maybe there are some other websites  i dont know. Google dont really help with that so i would appreciate any link you can share with me.

If you have some job for me i will be happy to work .
I can create flyers, posters , buissnes cards , covers cd/dvd/books , package for product  and whatever is needed. I can create website design in *.psd  as well but i dont do coding.
My price usually depends on details of job but all i ask for is fair pay for my work.
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Desktopography was updated with exhibition of 2011 wallpapers ! Check it out here
There is also my work there . I post it here on deviantArt few days ago but in case you skip it in your deviantWatchMassage here it is…
Hope you like it  just like the other wallpapers of 2011 . I personaly just love the one with parrot on desktopography for 2011  .… this one . They are all awesome but i think little "Pirates of Caribbean" maniac in me make me just love this one :) Wich one you like the most ?

DO you like music ?
Do you like this ?…
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Now you can become one of my first fans . Take a look at my new facebook website here…
I hope you will "Like it" :)
As of now its very fresh website with just few fans and some choosen artworks from deviantArt . In future i plan to put some exclusiv artworks just on facebook . I also think about uploading there all my artworks used for covers and maybe making section with wallpapers .  
  I wish you colorfull future ;)

Did your music just stop ? try this…
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Few days ago my grapic tablet stop working and in the process of fixing pen from this set got somehow broken in two piecs :/   Not much of a loss it was once working once not , very anoying thing without drivers for win7 .  
Anyway now i have to buy something new  . Since i am not digital pianter i dont need some high end tech and probobly will get something  new and cheap soon but this time i was thinking to go with Wacom.  
How about you guys , what is your exprience with graphic tablets ? Do you use is it ? What kind do you use ? Maybe you have some adivce for me before i buy .

Did your music just stop playing ? Try this…
:) Awesome song !
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I didnt post much since my DD  not deviations or any jurnal entry.
I am not reall a bloger type but i think i will try to change that . What do you think ? you care to read in future whatever comes to my mind ?
When it comes ot deviations its not that i get DD and feel myself fulfilled .   Its the oposite actually . I want more now and create more i want to show all my new watchers something that will make their minds wonder . Why just two deviations during last two months.  Answer is simple i was busy in creating things that i cant yet show you here. One of those things was wallpaper for desktopography . Two of them and that took me most of the time . I was trying to be better then usually and it end up in creating things that didnt pass my quality control :) somehow i managed to finish two wallpapers  but i will come back to that little later. I heard they are uploading 2011 exibition on servers so it should be ready in few next days.
Near future should bring my new website on facebook and more artwork posted here . I wonder do you guys use facebook do you have website you want to share with me ? feel free to post it here will be happy to look at it ;)
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Woow DD I cant belive it ! Its overwhelming but in soo good way :dance:
Thank you soo very much  :glomp: :iconbaxiaart: for suggesiting and :iconkuschelirmel: for giving me this feature !

Check it out ! This is my image with Daily Deviation…
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Woooow YEAA !!! after a year and around 100 deviations . One of those deviations , " Guardian " get today a 100 favorites . ( not in on day but overall 100 , anyway ) yea That is so awesome it makes me soo happy ! It is for first time my deviations got 100 favorites !
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I dont usually do jurnal but today i made facebook profile . Its my first blog thingy ever and what i see when i check out deviant art on facebook ? My artwork minimized and says next to it "25 manipulation ..." just check it out on your own. Add me to your friend list ( i dont even know how to find anyone there yet :/ ) .
I hope this is good link… add me to your friend list and do something what people do on facebook so i can start feeling this whole blog stuff . :D
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I just finished website for tattos studio . Check it out and tell me what you think about it.
It is in polish so please tell me what you think about look of it. Banner and stuff my job , tattos is job of Iron :) Studio is one of the best around here , yea the pictures dont show it becouse that are just some old tattos photos found on fast by Iron to at least have something on website , i will add more pictures and tab with piercing and scarifications.
If you ever gona visit Warsaw and want to make yourself nice memorable souvenir let me know i can translate website for you and call me if you will be in Warsaw i will menage some discount for ya ;)

Ps: thingy on right side is coming from free website host . It is just for now until studio will pay for .com or .pl :)
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